Summer packages

Several summer packages are available to discover the Atikamekw Native Reserve.

For 2018, Manawan offers different packages including a stay on the traditional Matakan Island (2 night package), a traditional wedding on the private Island in a luxury teepee (Island of Love, 3 nights package), a VIP package in a luxury teepee (Island of Love, 3 nights package), a 5-day package on a seaplane with the Baluchon Éco-villégiature, a Pow Wow package, an ATV package (quad) or a package at the Manawan Inn including a guided tour of 4 hours in the community.

Traditional Site Matakan Package 2 nights

Enjoy a typical Native experience in a traditional site specially designed for you to fully immerse in the Atikamekw culture.

Island of Love Package (Nipowi Manictoku)

With the Island of Love package, in the Native Reserve of Manawan, you will attend an Atikamekw wedding on the Island of Love.

The Manawan Inn Package

Enjoy a stay in the Native Reserve of Manawan in the comfort of a warm and inviting room. The Manawan Inn welcomes you with open arms.

Pow Wow Package

Take part in the festivities of the traditional Pow Wow of Manawan. Enjoy this event in the center of a Native Reserve. Here is what this package offers.